Transport is key to the accessibility of a building and has always been a significant issue for owners and occupants. However the range of issues associated with transport is becoming more complex.

Staff commuting and business travel are a significant source of CO2 emissions and a drain on staff time and productivity for businesses. This trend will continue as pressure on infrastructure increases and as more organisations take action to reduce their environmental impact.  Understanding and articulating all the transport options available for a building is critical and has extended beyond the proximity of a station and the amount of parking available. Options such as teleconferencing and home working can significantly save time, cut costs and reduce CO2 emissions, but this requires both investment in IT infrastructure and in the working culture  of the tenants.

Key issues to consider:

  • What public transport options are available to a building.
  • What level of facilities are available for cyclists (storage, showers?)
  • Are there other facilities that support more sustainable modes of transport (e.g. electric vehicle charging points)?