Green Leasing Resource Pack

The Better Buildings Partnership (BBP), in collaboration with JLL consulting, has designed and delivered a Green Leasing Resource Pack. The resource pack builds on existing BBP tools and resources relating to green leasing and also offers an updated approach regarding opportunities to improve uptake of green leases across the industry.

Best practice leasing is a key objective for the BBP as a tool to address whole of building emissions. The resource pack offers practical, fit-for-purpose guidance and tools to equip teams with improved ability to understand the benefits of implementing green leases across their businesses. Each resource relates to the relevant stage in the green leasing process and highlights best practice stakeholder engagement.

Why green leasing matters?

⦁ ESG targets unachievable without partnership – increasingly ambitious ESG commitments and goals are being set by both landlords and occupiers. The lease can act as a tool to help both parties achieve those goals.
⦁ Market demand and impacts to value – investors and occupiers are increasingly considering green lease covenants as part of real estate decision making criteria
⦁ Encourages owner-occupier collaboration – collaborating around sustainability can be a positive means of owner and occupier engaging. Partnering towards improved whole of building performance can enrich the wider owner-occupier relationship.

Who should use this resource pack?

What is included in this resource pack?

Green Leasing Practical Guidance
⦁ Provides guidance on key benefits of incorporating sustainability into the leasing process
⦁ Speaks to value of green leasing clauses and issues to navigate.

Heads of Agreement Template
⦁ Heads of Agreement statements for each topic included within the Green Leasing Practical Guidance
⦁ Topics provided with varying levels of ambition to help benchmark lease and tailor to ambition.

Due Diligence Checklist
⦁ Checklist to flag sustainability issues early in the leasing transaction. This allows time for facilitated discussions, stakeholder capacity building, improvement planning, and for parties to negotiate a fair position