The Better Buildings Partnership is directed by a leadership panel comprising senior representatives from each member organisation. The leadership panel meets quarterly to set the overall vision and strategic direction of the partnership including targets and develop the annual work program.  Details of the current members of the leadership panel are included below.

In addition to the leadership panel, technical working groups are established to undertake and drive specific projects. The current working groups cover the key focus areas for the partnership – environmental, waste, tenant and communities and benchmarking and engagement.

The technical working groups advise on, and deliver key projects such as toolkits, resources and other solutions to address the main challenges identified by the leadership panel. Projects focus heavily on systemic issues in the sector which require a collaborative approach, such as best practice leasing, operational waste, and decentralised energy and water. The current group members are listed below.

Project management of the partnership is delivered through the secretariat, as provided by the City of Sydney.