BBP Tenant Engagement: Foundation Report

engaging tenants in sustainability

Engaging your tenants in sustainability

To capture all the benefits of a net zero carbon future, building owners and tenants must work together.

Collaboration may be essential, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. And to be effective, it also needs clarity, clear benefits and to add value to all parties. The Better Buildings Partnership has developed a practical guide to help building owners engage with their tenants to drive down greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs.

Each tenant has a unique business, workplace culture, attitudes and capabilities. By understanding our tenants – and the psychological and social drivers that underpin their behaviour – we can tailor engagement strategies that maximise our climate impact and deliver enduring value.

Learn how to develop strategies that enhance the satisfaction, health and productivity of building occupants, and ultimately contribute to better occupancy rates and building returns.

Download the Better Building Partnership’s Tenant Engagement Foundation Report: Engaging tenants to achieve net zero buildings and find out the 10 easy steps to best practice.