Creating Resilient Communities Guide

Image source: Yerrabingin

The Better Buildings Partnership understands it can play an important role in strengthening community resilience and social cohesion, including for people living, working in, and visiting our buildings and neighbourhoods, and for local communities within the City of Sydney, and beyond.

Individually, our members are already making a difference by adopting socially focussed practices within their organisations; and by delivering buildings that are planned, designed, and managed in a way that delivers social value. Together, we can have a bigger impact and influence change across our industry by collaborating, sharing ideas and knowledge, and leading by example.

The Better Buildings Partnership, in collaboration with Cred Consulting has designed and delivered a “Creating Resilient Communities Guide” (the Guide). The Guide provides property owners and managers with practical information about the roles they can play and actions they can take to strengthen community resilience and deliver social value within their organisations, buildings, and local communities of interest.

Who is this guide for?

This Guide is for property owners and managers interested in understanding why and how they should play a role in strengthening community resilience.

Our hope is that this Guide will provide guidance for organisations at various scales and levels of maturity in delivering social value, including those who are well on the way as well as those who are just starting out on their journey.

Objectives of this guide

This Guide provides practical information on:

  • Why property owners and managers should play a role in strengthening community resilience.
  • How property owners and managers can understand community resilience needs.
  • Examples of activities that property owners and managers can do to strengthen community resilience.