Together we go faster. Together we get further. BBP Annual Report 2019

The Better Buildings Partnership marks its nineth year and we are delighted to celebrate another year of incredible acceleration towards carbon positive. Together we are going faster and getting further.

The partnership represents 59% of Sydney’s commercial floor space in the city centre and is demonstrating how effective new models of collective action to unlock complex barriers around change.

Last year, 88 of our buildings made carbon neutral commitments with 7 buildings already achieiving carbon neutrality.  This builds off a 55% reduction in emissions from 2006. We have also seen a 35% reduction in energy and a 26% reduction in potable water from 2006.

In the year ahead we will turn our attention to:

  • accererating the transition to a low-carbon economy;
  • lead the uptake of renewable energy;
  • drive the transition to the circular economy;
  • recognise the cost of inaction on climate change;
  • leverage people, culutre and builsings to achieve sustainability outcomes.

Download the BBP Annual Results FY19