The Tenants & Landlords Guide to Happiness: new ebook launched

Can better collaboration, shared goals and sustainable outcomes be achieved between commercial tenants and landlords?

The Tenants and Landlords Guide to Happiness explores just that question in this new overview to best practice and green leasing.

Produced by The Fifth Estate in partnership with the Better Buildings Partnership, a new chapter released each month will reveal the opportunities for an improved leasing process, to lay the ground work from day-one for better outcomes—from the onset of considering an office move, to selecting a new workspace and signing the leasing, to fitout design and finally ongoing management.

The e-book aims to draw on the process mapped out in the Better Buildings Partnership’s online Leasing Lifecycle Tool. Created in collaboration with industry, this tool sets an expectation for agents, operators, and occupants to work with one another across each step of the leasing process and utilise the best resources available to optimise commercial office leases for mutual benefit.

There’s a lot more all parties can be doing to facilitate better operational outcomes of an office space, but it all begins with relationships. The launch of this new guide will hopefully open-up the dialogue and create a roadmap for better, more sustainable outcomes. Stay tuned each month as a new chapter is released.

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CHAPTER ONE: Getting to first base >

CHAPTER TWO: Should I stay or Should I go? >

CHAPTER THREE: Getting together >

CHAPTER FOUR: Getting the pre-nups right >

CHAPTER FIVE: The model lease clause >

CHAPTER SIX: Design and Fitout >

CHAPTER SEVEN:  Material Change >