The Tenants & Landlords Guide to Happiness: Final chapter – Perfect Match now available

Produced by The Fifth Estate in partnership with the Better Buildings Partnership, this final chapter of The Tenants & Landlords Guide to Happiness delves into how five couples – and the occasional matchmaker – have managed their productive and happy relationships.

Co-operation, compromise and  communication are the common characteristics of these success stories. Not to mention flexibility.  And the results speak for themselves – more energy efficient, healthy buildings with occupants experiencing  a high degree of workplace satisfaction and productivity.

Thank you to The Fifth Estate for collaborating with the Better Buildings Partnership to produce this unique publication.

Read the latest chapter here as well as a full list of chapters below:

CHAPTER ONE: Getting to first base >

CHAPTER TWO: Should I stay or Should I go? >

CHAPTER THREE: Getting together >

CHAPTER FOUR: Getting the pre-nups right >

CHAPTER FIVE: The model lease clause >

CHAPTER SEVEN:  Material Change >

CHAPTER EIGHT:  Keeping the magic alive > 

CHAPTER NINE: Perfect Match >