The Tenants & Landlords Guide to Happiness: Chapter 8 – Keeping the magic alive now available

Produced by The Fifth Estate in partnership with the Better Buildings Partnership, this latest chapter of The Tenants & Landlords Guide to Happiness looks at the ongoing relationship between tenants and landlords.
Despite the best intentions, most building owners and tenants struggle to keep up regular communication that could enhance  their efficient use of the building, improve wellbeing of employees and substantially cut their business costs.

If you’re a tenant feeling like you just don’t have much of a connection with the landlord, let alone other tenants or the property manager – or you’re a building owner who finds it hard to connect with your tenants – you are certainly not alone.

Find out more about the CitySwitch Vertical Communities initiative, the benefits of collaboration from industry and successful tenant and landlord staff engagement  programs in this latest chapter.

Read the latest chapter here as well as a full list of chapters below: