BBP Leasing Standard

Leasing Badges

The BBP Leasing Standard informs and assesses the strength of the sustainability and collaboration elements under existing or proposed leases. The standard identifies 20 topics that promote sustainability and collaboration between landlords and tenants.

The BBP Leasing Standard badge recognises leases and rewards organisations based on the level of inclusion of these 20 sustainability topics in their leases. BBP Lease Scoring Tool to help you score your leases against these sustainability topics.

The BBP developed the BBP Leasing Standard Template Clauses for parties who need a basis for drafting lease clauses. The template clauses are not mandatory but provide information and example wording to make it even easier to obtain a BBP Leasing Standard.

Since 2016, BBP members are committed to having precedent leases that score at least silver according to the BBP Leasing Standard.