BBP Leasing Standard Template Clauses

The best way to improve productivity and efficiency for whole buildings is through collaboration between landlord, occupant and building manager. The lease is the principle document setting the tone for this collaboration, and is the key to enhance workplace efficiency and productivity, reduce outgoings and help deliver high performance workplaces. The BBP Leasing Standard sets a framework to recognise organisations committed to collaboration and sustainability outcomes through commercial leasing.

The BBP Leasing Standard Template Clauses are a comprehensive set of ready-to-use template clauses designed to be easily built into existing lease documents to enable owners and tenants to engage on issues that support building performance improvements over time.

The templates cover all twenty of the BBP Leasing Standard topics including environmental initiatives, enabling upgrade works, energy management and performance ratings. The PDF template allows users to download separate WORD documents of each template clause.

These model lease clauses have been identified through extensive industry consultation and were drafted by Sparke Helmore Lawyers and Mills Oakley.