Travel Plans

What are they?

A travel plan is a strategy that aims to reduce an organisation’s  environmental impact through the promotion of sustainable  transport methods, including walking, cycling, public transport  and car sharing. A travel plan is specific to each building.

Advantages / Disadvantages

Potentially reduces CO2 emissions associated with staff and visitor travel if its recommendations  are implemented.

Particularly helpful where the building is located in an area with good public transport links and/or high congestion.

Low cost to develop a plan.

Complying with recommendations can be costly and time consuming.

Applicable buildings

All buildings types.


The plan will be developed specifically for the building and will be held by the owner / building management team. All building users should be aware of the plan.

Questions to ask

  • Is there a travel plan for the building and what does it include?

More information

Premier’s Council for Active Living (PCAL) NSW Workplace Travel Plans