Efficient Fittings

What are they?

Water efficient fittings include:

  • Dual-flush toilets (minimum efficiency 6/4l, better is 4.5/3l).
  • Spray, push or sensor activated taps.
  • Low-flow showers.
  • Presence detection sensors on urinals or waterless urinals.

Most modern and recently refurbished buildings will include at least some of these fittings.

Advantages / Disadvantages

Significant water savings can be achieved.

Only marginally more expensive to install compared to standard fittings and the value of  water saved can often pay back the installation  cost within 2 years.

Low-flow showers are not as effective as standard showers when the water pressure is low.

Low flow taps should not be used in applications where the primary application is vessel filling (e.g. cleaner’s cupboards and baths)

Water efficiency

Efficient fittings can significantly reduce water consumption  in a building.

Running costs

Water efficient fittings reduce water supply and waste water bills, which will offset any additional maintenance costs associated  with presence detection sensors (if present).

Retrofit / improvement opportunities

Water efficient fittings are easy to retrofit. They are a low cost measure to install and the  value of water saved can often pay back the installation cost  within 2-5 years.

Applicable buildings

All building types.

Floor plate implications


Occupant comfort

Low-flow showers might be an issue for users when there is a low water pressure.

Maintenance implications

Presence detection sensors will require maintenance to ensure that they are kept in full working order.

Waterless urinals require changes to cleaning procedures.


Dual-flush toilets will have two push buttons. Sensor operated  taps and urinals will have the sensor in a prominent location.  Spray taps, push taps and low-flow showers can be identified  upon operation.  Waterless utrnals have no flush water.

Questions to ask

  • What water efficient sanitary fittings are present in the building?

More information

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