Building Environmental Management Groups

What are they?

A Building Environmental Management Group is a forum that comprises the building owner, tenants and building management specifically established to review and improve the environmental and operational performance of a building.  It is an effective way of addressing obligations agreed within a green lease.

Why are they useful?

A Building Environmental Management group can lead to improved communication between the owner and tenants on a range of issues beyond those which are environmental and sustainability related. This communication is likely to highlight building inefficiencies, improve performance and result in significant financial savings for both parties.

Issues to be aware of

Tenant engagement can be difficult, depending on their  level of interest in environmental matters, but benefits can  be significant.

Applicable buildings

All building types but particularly useful for multi-let offices.

Questions to ask

  • Is there a Building Environmental Management Group in place or planned and if so what are the details?
  • What arrangements are in place to enable the owner and tenant to communicate on environmental issues such as policy, regulation and data sharing?

More information

Green lease materials from DRET