Electrification resource pack – for Asset Managers and Facility Managers

The Better Buildings Partnership, in collaboration with Cundall, has designed and delivered a suite of resources to help asset managers and facility managers develop and implement plans to remove natural gas from buildings.

The resources have been carefully designed to complement the GBCAs ‘A practical guide to electrification – for existing buildings’, launched in September 2022.

The resource pack includes the following:

Why Electrification? – a brief summary of the key drivers and reasons to electrify in response to climate science and commercial imperatives.

Process Flowchart –an overview of the key steps to electrify a portfolio, from setting zero carbon goals through to implementing electrification projects in each building.

Business Case Guidance –a summary of key drivers and issues to include in the preparation of a business case to undertake a portfolio-wide electrification feasibility study and implementation plan.

Feasibility Study Tool –a tool to assist in undertaking a feasibility review of a building including decision flowcharts, guidance commentary, a CAPEX template and a simplified energy and carbon calculator.

DHW Flowchart – Domestic hot water electrification decision flowchart.

Space Heating Flowchart – Space heating electrification decision flowchart.

Sample Design Consultant Scope –a template to form a starting point for a consultant scope of works to undertake the design of an electrification project