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Our recent Symposium on Minimising Waste from Fitout on 21 November of last year was a great success. With your help, we have been working hard over the break and begun to outline the system issues surrounding waste from commercial office fitouts and make good. We have also begun identifying potential solutions. Your ongoing participation in this process is invaluable.Our facilitator on the day, Dr. Stuart White, provided a synopsis of the event for those of you unable to make it.

The video and presentations of our morning sessions by Judith Knott, Joyce Seeho, and Mark Tait are available on our website if you would like to revisit their content. Also, the industry viewpoints shared are available with our event summary.

The Next Steps

The symposium identified a number of system inefficiencies that offer actionable market opportunities for forward thinking industry players.  Review how your business might take advantage of these opportunities with with our quick summary table.

We have started prioritising the next actions the Better Buildings Partnership will take to work with industry, government and the market to continue developing best practice solutions in minimising waste from fitout. These actions will be:

  1. Share solutions for fitout end-of-life
  2. Establish measurement standards and clarify compliance
  3. Simplify make good and encourage the use of make good deeds << insert link>>
  4. Promote best practice
  5. Improve fitout materials

Watch our website for links to tools, case studies and useful contacts, such as the RICS Greening Make Good Australia Guide, Planet Ark’s Business Recycling, Community Recycling Networks and Office Spectrum’s fitout refurbishment service. If you know of any resources or have a good news story to tell where waste has been minimised as a result of your company’s actions please let us know – we’d love to showcase your great work.

We will keep you involved and informed as we reach critical milestones and points of interest. If you know of others who should be involved, or do not want to stay involved yourself, please reply to Esther Bailey at Our mission is to move the industry forward, together.

Yours sincerely,

Esther Bailey
Better Buildings Partnership Manager

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