BBP wins ‘Innovator of the year’ at the Banksia Awards

The Better Buildings Partnership has been named ‘Innovator of the year’ at the 2014 Banksia Awards for environmental leadership and innovation.

The award recognises the BBP’s best practice leasing model that delivers better owner-tenant relationships and environmental performance.

The Banksia Awards have been running for 26 years and recognises the leading organisations from across Australia that are making a positive difference to the environment for a more sustainable future.

The Banksia award recognises the BBP’s best practice leasing work including:

  • Best practice ‘green’ lease template clauses;
  • Tool kits and resources that assist the key industry stakeholders to understand the benefits and how to apply these new leases; and
  • Significant engagement by BBP members to promote our ‘new way of doing business’.

The BBP’s energy savings have slashed more than $25 million a year off members’ annual power bills. The award recognises how strong leadership and a practical commitment can significantly reduce emissions and deliver value for the bottom line.

The BBP’s green leasing work aims to break down barriers between landlords and tenants and ensure positive outcomes for a buildings’ environmental performance. The BBP has developed a range of tools to assist in preparing green leases and fact sheets for improving building performance.

Research by the BBP has shown a significant increase in the amount of green leases in the Sydney city centre since this work began.