BBP leasing standard now open for consultation

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Following the Better Buildings Partnership’s award-winning work in best practice green (or performance) leasing, the Partnership is now finalising the first draft of a new standard for commercial office leasing, to include minimum definitions of what defines a “green” or “performance” lease and methods for scoring precedent leases to reward parties for strong, actionable commitments to a broad range of topics for collaboration during the lease term.

More information

To find out more about the history of the BBP’s work in leasing, its Model Lease Clauses, Leasing Index Study and development of this standard, please use the links below:

Leasing lifecycle tool – The BBP’s collection of the best resources across the industry, information and stakeholders that should be involved at every step of the journey.

Model lease clauses – A set of 25 template clauses with variable commitment levels and neutral drafting between tenant and landlord to provide an easy-to-use set of clauses for upgrading precedent leases or heads of agreement negotiations.

BBP leasing index study results – A globally-first study, the results of a representative sample of Sydney CBD commercial office leases that identifies that best practice leasing is neither niche, nor narrow, with over 60% of leases including some form of green leasing clause and nearly half of the BBP Model Lease Clause topics included in prime-grade building leases, on average.

The new normal in leasing workshop presentation – History of the BBP’s work and insights from the investment community (GRESB) on future trends and academia (Oxford University) on the importance of collaboration between tenant and landlord, as well as the initial draft (now superseded) of the BBP’s leasing standard.

Get involved

To find out more and have your say, contact Ben Thomas, Better Buildings Partnership Coordinator by email