BBP releases tools to help manage waste from strip outs

The Better Buildings Partnership is committed to the creation of a circular economy through assisting industry to more responsibly source new products, recycle existing materials and generate new recycling facilities. The BBP has released a toolset for stripout waste to promote continuous improvement for reporting and managing strip out operations. The toolset includes a waste management plan and a reprocessor facility directory. These tools encourage consistent reporting alongside transparency and accountability of the removed materials from commercial offices and floor plates. The partnership has collaborated with the industry to drive better waste reduction, product stewardship and resource recovery.

The BBP has used its extensive expertise to set a baseline for consistent and accurate management of stripout waste. By establishing these tools, the Partnership has created a platform to compare and improve the outcomes of commercial strip out management. This will be seen through the percentage of the floor plate that has been diverted from landfill through the implementation of these tools.

Waste management plan for stripouts

This tool outlines the process by which contractors and tenants can ensure that all office strip out waste is transported and disposed of in accordance with the requirements of the building owner and tenants and environmental law. Consistent use of reporting categories ensures comparison between jobs and enables facilities to create consistent reports.

Reprocessor facility directory

Material recovery streams vary as markets change and mature, but more options are becoming available everyday. This tool is a regularly updated list of reprocessing and recycling facilities that material can be sent to. The tool holds contact information, pricing and acceptance criteria for each material stream and each facility. This way the demolition contractors can ensure that contamination over the limit of each facility does not occur, and thus result in a rejection from the reprocessing facility.


Download the tools