CitySwitch Green Office program

MAC curve tool

Staff at the new Eureka Funds Management office, which has a number of energy saving and productivity improving elements.

CitySwitch is Australia’s flagship sustainability program for businesses. The national program supports office tenants to improve energy and waste efficiency, with access to free resources, advice and events.

The program aims to:

  • educate and inspire with a respected event series and through the provision of toolkits, workbooks, case studies and site tours.
  • facilitate links to other programs, information sources, industry bodies and communities of interest by identifying the market expertise that Signatories might need in order to build corporate capacity, systems and comply with evolving legislative requirements.
  • signpost to incentives and financial vehicles that are available to expedite the uptake of energy efficiency investments.
  • celebrate and reward environmental leadership and achievement though its annual awards and ongoing member promotions in order to create competitive advantage for its signatories wherever possible.

This structured approach to planning and implementing energy and waste efficiency projects, saves signatories time and money and helps build their internal capacity to embed sustainability within their corporate structure.