BBP templates for site selection briefs

Templates to help tenants during the site selection stage of the leasing process with minimum services and features for performance expected.

This document contains extracts from A Guide to Office Building Quality 2012 based upon industry research into tenants’ current workspace priorities and couples these categories with other industry best practice resources found in the BBP Leasing Lifecycle Tool to detail the services and features that occupants should expect from Premium, A- and B-Grade office buildings when selecting a new site. A PCA office grade is self-nominated by the building owner who judges that they overwhelmingly meet the stated criteria. As such it is worthwhile for prospective tenants to make their own inquiries about a building’s quality.

This document includes a simple table that can be used to request information from building owners and tenant representatives to help compare and assess total cost of occupancy and compliance with industry quality standards. This document is designed for cutting and pasting into briefs and requests for information/proposals to help tenants translate their expectations into a suitable space.