BBP Leasing Standard MOU template

The BBP Leasing Standard MOU template allows landlords and tenants to;

  • Start conversations ahead of a re-leasing negotiation
  • Re-approach a tenant/landlord with the intention of inserting “green clauses” that are not present in a current lease

The BBP Leasing Standard MOU template comes populated with the 5 core topics of the BBP Leasing Standard. In addition, parties are able to add whichever BBP Leasing Standard topics and clauses they choose.

The BBP leasing standard is an online tool developed for landlords and tenants, allowing them to indicate the ‘green’ credentials of proposed leases. The score of a lease is determined by measuring lease clauses against 20 categories including Energy Management, Performance Standards and Sustainable Transport. The online tool enables leases to be assessed, and a lease scorecard and rating badge generated. The associated scorecard and badge make it easy to identify the strength of sustainability of the proposed lease and compare it against other leases.