Low-energy high-rise report – The Warren Centre

See how most buildings can achieve a 4 Star NABERS Energy base building rating soley through improved management practices.

The Low-Energy High-Rise Report summarises the findings of the research phase of the Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering’s Low Energy High Rise (LEHR) project. The purpose of the research was to find measurable evidence of non- technical factors that assist or hinder energy efficiency in commercial office buildings.

The research findings are based on a substantial survey of factors potentially affecting energy efficiency in a sample of 127 buildings. The building sample predominantly comprised larger buildings (over 7,500m2), located in Australia capital cities.

The survey, which was completed online, covered both technical and non-technical factors relating to building operation as well as reviewing the activities, attitudes and background of tenants and participants in the building management chain. Answers to questionnaires were tested using a variety of statistical techniques to determine which factors correlate with building efficiency as measured by the NABERS Energy rating scheme.