Leasing lifecycle tool

The innovative leasing lifecycle tool provides detailed guidance through each step of the leasing process and a one stop shop for access to the best leasing resources in the industry.

Whether you are a leasing agent, sustainability manager, designer or in charge of your organisation’s lease and office move, the leasing lifecycle tool clearly identifies which stakeholders should be engaged and their responsibilities at each stage.

Developed by the Better Buildings Partnership in collaboration with industry, this unique tool has also become part of standard training provided by Property Council of Australia, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and Green Building Council of Australia. The tool will shift as best practice improves, and the Partnership is committed to continuing to collaborate and champion this topic in order to move the industry to a new normal.

To use this tool, use the links to the left to step through the process. With each section, the relative stakeholders are listed with the data they should provide and the industry resources that are available. As resources are released and data made available, this tool will continue to evolve.

Do you have a resource you have used or a case study from the industry for great collaboration in leasing? Let us know

The Better Buildings Partnership’s work on best practice leasing focuses on three areas:

  1. Facilitation of the leasing process by mapping it and ensuring the early provision of good information and engagement of the right expertise;
  2. Negotiation of the best lease for all parties, balancing a level of risk management within the document itself and incentivising collaboration; and,
  3. Education of the occupants, designers, agents and facilities managers that interact with the leased space, but do not sign the lease.